BioBag World Australia offers compostable alternatives to plastic bags that break down anywhere oxygen and microorganisms exist, with no toxic or microplastic residues.

BioBag International AS started life as a privately owned polyethylene film and bag manufacturer in the late 1950’s. In 1993 the company introduced the BioBag range of products and since then it’s been producing compostable bags, sacks and films for waste management, retail, commercial, industrial and agricultural applications.

BioBag has 6 factories and 20 market or distribution partners around the world, producing over 1 billion bags a year. Based in Norway, BioBag is also in Sweden, Denmark, Ireland, Estonia, Finland and USA, and there are partners representing BioBag International in many other countries.

The Mater-Bi resin used to make the BioBag range is subject to ongoing product development in Italy by Novamont. Constant innovation means BioBags are improving all the time as environmentally-friendly plastic alternatives.


Scott Morton is the Director of Biobag World Australia, the leading compostable bag and agricultural mulch company in Australia. Scott is a passionate advocate for improving the bioeconomy of Australia which he is committed to do by taking his extensive global knowledge and talking to and working with consumers, business, and government. By defining our common goals and working together to achieve them, Scott believes Australia can be a global case study for and leader in environmental change.


A BioBag is an environmentally sustainable alternative to regular, polyethylene plastic bags. Mater-Bi is the name of the patented material BioBags are made from in Italy which has been developed over 25 years of research and innovation by Novamont.

BioBag sells a range of products including bin liners, dog poo bags, kitchen caddies, produce bags and a range of compostable films suitable for other applications including diapers, feminine hygiene products, bed linen, laminated products and agricultural products.