GARRY CONNORS, Ranger, Ballina Shire Council

“I have been a ranger with the Council for 5 years, prior to that Council used to have plastic dog bags and dispensers and they were getting vandalised and bags were being wasted so Council stopped providing them. Then there was an increasing problem of dog faeces littering parks and public spaces so Council decided to provide the bags and dispensers again. They chose BioBag because it was an environmentally friendly option. There was some concern that the compostable bags are not strong enough.”

“After we rolled out the BioBags the complaints about dog faeces in off leash areas decreased… people were using the bags and picking up after their dogs.”

“I would recommend BioBags for the environmental benefit of using the compostable bag and people are happy to use them and clean up after their dogs.”


KAREN TALANSKAS, Engineering Office Administration Officer, Wattle Range Council

“We had no concerns about using BioBags, we went from a one bin system (waste) to three (waste, recycling and organics with food organics). The community took the system on really well.”

“The pleasing thing to us as a council is to have a SA supplier which saving a lot in transport.”

“We have only ever used BioBag and would recommend them, we have had no complaints from residents about them breaking or not performing well. The customer service from BioBag World Australia has been excellent and Geoff has done everything to keep us happy.”


NOEL BUBNER, Senior Waste Officer, Mallala Council

“The system was already in place; however pricing was a concern but BioBag were very competitive.”

“We were pleased with the quality; the bags are strong in use but break down very well in compost. We experienced no issues with the BioBag product.”

“I would certainly recommend BioBag. They offer competitive prices, the products are excellent quality and BioBag World Australia have given us great service.”