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BioBag makes compostable films for just about any application including agricultural mulch film, industrial applications, packaging, mailing and waste management.

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Agriculture – BioAgri Mulch Film

BioBag Australia is introducing a fully compostable and biodegradable agricultural film called BioAgri to horticultural markets for high value crops.

BioAgri mulch film makes daily work for farmers easier because the compostable agricultural film breaks down into organic matter that can be ploughed into the soil at the end of a crop cycle.

This bioplastic is certified to the same standard as compostable bags supplied to residents through a growing number of metropolitan councils as part of strategies to divert food waste from the general waste bin to the kerbside green organics bin which goes on to be composted.

BioAgri is produced from Mater-Bi, a bioplastic raw material created by complexing starch with polyesters, and is certified as biodegradable and compostable. The compostable film leaves no toxic residues like plastic film and there’s no removal necessary so no disposal costs or efforts for farmers. It’s an efficient alternative that can be laid with the same equipment used for traditional plastic mulching films and is good for certified organic farming.

Advantages for farmers include increased soil temperature, faster germination and cultivation cycles, long-term nutritious soil and reduced water consumption. It’s cost effective, labour efficient and eliminates or reduces the need for herbicides and pesticides. The compostable BioAgri film keeps fertilisers and nutrients closer to the plants and prevents fruits and vegetables from coming into direct contact with soil.

BioBag cooperates with International universities and research institutions to continually develop the characteristics of the BioAgri mulch film.

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