BioBag kits suggestions have been thought to make it easier for your household to start your environmentally friendly journey towards diverting recyclables and organic waste from landfill and live a more sustainable lifestyle.

BioBag aims to provide an alternative to plastic bags and support you to an earth-friendly way of life.

If you are a governmental organisation or business, please contact us.

The Started Bundle

The Starter Bundle is an ideal choice for consumers starting out on their journey to eliminating plastic from their lives.
BioBag Starter Bundle includes:

1 x MaxAir II Ventilated Caddy
1 x 8L roll
1 x 20L roll
1 x 30L roll
1 x Resealable Food Storage box
1 x Dog on Roll bags

Kitchen Caddy Kit
Collect food scraps and keep away bad odours. The Kitchen Caddy Kit includes 2 main BioBag products for your kitchen and would provide around 3 months supply.

  • BioBag Max Air 2 caddy
  • 8 litre liners – 1 roll of 75 bags

Kitchen Starter Kit
The Kitchen Caddy and bag liners, plus your regular 30 litre bin liners.

  • Kitchen caddy Max Air 2
  • 8 litre liners – 1 roll of 75 bags
  • 30 litre liners  – 1 roll of 25 bags

Perfect to start the transition to less plastic in your kitchen.

Household Starter Kit
Your inside and outdoor solution to start:

  • Kitchen Max Air 2 Caddy
  • 8 litre liners – 1 roll of 75 bags
  • 30 litre liners – 1 roll of 25 bags
  • 240 litres liners – 1 roll of 12 bags

Keep all your bins clean and tidy around your home.

On the road
BioBag’s Portable Toilet System (BioToi) is the best on the road system. Light weight with minimal space taken, it is the perfect solution to your on-the-road needs.
The kit includes:

  • BioBag Portable Toilet System – BioToi
  • 4 rolls of 8 bags