BioBag Freezer Food – 6L

Product Specifications

20 bags per roll
18 rolls per carton
240mm x 500mm

Regular price per roll  – $6.10

Regular price per carton  – $109.80


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Perfect for keeping food fresh in the fridge/freezer and reusing to collect food scraps for recycling with organic waste. When you’re finished using them, you can put them in your compost bin or green bin (check with your local council).

They contain NO microplastics and can be returned to the earth as compost, water and CO2 in a composting environment with no toxic residues.

Our freezer bags feature a split at the top of the opening to make it easy for consumers to tie up helping to keep the food fresh.  The length of the split is 11cm.

20 bags per roll
18 rolls per carton
240mm x 500mm

Certified compostable AS4736


Pack Size

1Roll, 18 Rolls



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