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We love turtles and during a trip to Bali this week our Director Scott and his family adopted and released baby turtles from the Bali Turtle Conservation Farm into the ocean.  ??? 

All 7 species of sea turtles in the world are endangered and 6 of these 7 are found in Indonesian waters including the Olive Ridley turtle pictured here. 

Every year hundreds of turtles lay thousands of eggs on the beaches around Bali.

It’s estimated that only one in every one thousand of these eggs will make it to maturity due to the many predators that take the eggs. 

The Bali Turtle Conservation Farm rescues Olive Ridley turtle eggs from nearby beaches and reburies them in specially prepared sandpits so they can hatch safely as they would on the beach. 

The baby turtles are then carefully transferred into pools of fresh sea water from the local beach where the eggs are laid. 

The hatchlings are fed and protected for 1-2 months until they’re strong enough to have a much better chance of survival in the ocean.

You can adopt a turtle too and help to focus some love on the oceans. For more, visit the Bali Turtles website.

BioBags biodegrade in a relatively short time, even in natural conditions such as the marine environment.

See our blog on this for more and our marine biodegradation report.