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New Food & Freezer Bags Show Innovation

Our new Food & Freezer Bags are a first of their kind and show how the innovation and technology behind BioBags is constantly improving as a true plastic alternative.

Designed to keep food fresh in the fridge and freezer, these new bags are available in 4 litre and 6 litre sizes and can be returned to the earth as harmless organic matter at the end of their useful life, with no harmful microplastics or toxic residues.

When you’re finished using a BioBag, you can reuse it to collect food scraps, then put it in your compost bin or council green bin.

Composting is the best end-of-life option for a bag because it can help to create nutrient-rich soil fertiliser.

BioBag products are made from Mater-Bi which is a mixture of compostable polymers and starch. BioBag is a world-leader in certified compostable and biodegradable bags.

BioBag World Australia director Scott Morton says the new freezer bags work perfectly for the same reason as BioBag’s produce rolls do – because it’s an area where you can replace traditional plastic with a compostable alternative.

“We’ve come up with this new product for the freezer to handle the cold better and to handle meats better,” Scott explains.

“The innovation and technology behind BioBags is constantly improving and is now a true plastic alternative with mechanical values that match those of traditional polyethylene plastic bags.

“The Mater-Bi resin used to make BioBags is subject to ongoing product development in Italy.

“We believe compostable plastic alternatives are the way of the future and a key solution to Australia meeting its target of all plastic packaging being reusable, compostable or recyclable by 2025,” Scott says,

Find the new freezer bags here in 4 litres and 6 litres – also available by the carton and pallet.