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ABC Radio Adelaide Host Spence Denny had a chat with BioBag World Australia Director Scott Morton on 8th July 2019 about South Australia banning single use plastics and opportunities for bioplastic alternatives available now. Have a listen:

Scott’s article ‘What Plastic Is That?’ was published on 1st July 2019 in Nourish magazine – on shelves in all major supermarkets and news stands for 6 weeks. A ‘go to’ plastics expert, Scott explains the differences between degradable, biodegradable and compostable. See it here: also had a chat with Scott this month for their Going Green Series about the BioBag solution, offering an alternative to plastic bags that can actually be composted.

A South Australian Small Business Award winner, Scott Morton has been making plastic bags since 2006 and is now investing in manufacturing compostable BioBags in Adelaide because he believes compostable bioplastic is the way of the future.

BioBags are a plant based solution to stopping plastic pollution and a sustainable alternative for anyone who wants the convenience of a bag to collect household rubbish, dog waste and food waste.