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Avoiding plastics in Australian Agriculture

Plastic Mulch films have been used in Australian agriculture for decades providing growers with a range of benefits, some of them are to increase yields and crop quality while reducing the use of water, herbicides and other chemicals. They have proven to be enormously beneficial in the growing of different crops in all types of soils and climates across Australia.

Unfortunately, the correct disposal of conventional mulch films at the end of each growing season has become an unmanageable task. In remote areas there simply isn’t the recycling infrastructure. As a result, the farmer is left with the choice of transporting long distances to landfill, burying it on their own land, leaving it to degrade into microplastics or even worse burning it. All of these options are very expensive and potentially terrible for the environment.

The most terrifying part is that micro plastics have the potential to transfer through food chains and into the food supply, thereby having a detrimental impact on human health and well-being in Australia and beyond.

Compostable and Biodegradable  mulch film: The right product in the right place

Now there is an alternative that is widely available in Australia for farmers in the form of a fully compostable and biodegradable agricultural mulching film: BioAgri.

BioAgri mulch film makes daily work for farmers easier because the compostable agricultural film breaks down into organic matter that can be ploughed into the soil at the end of a crop cycle.

The compostable film leaves no toxic residues like plastic film and there’s no removal necessary so no disposal costs or efforts for farmers at the end of each cycle.

Designed to be an efficient alternative that can be laid with the same equipment used for traditional plastic mulching films and is also good for certified organic farming plus it’s cost effective, labour efficient and eliminates or reduces the need for herbicides and pesticides.

Additionally, BioAgri opens a window for certain growers that until now could not use conventional mulch films due to the nature of their fields and harvest, spreading the benefits to a wider range of agricultural applications.

The future of Australian agriculture depends on the choices we make today so when choosing compostable mulch films like BioAgri we are protecting the Australian soil and environment for future generations to come.