Bin Liners

BioBag liners offer easy and hygienic solutions in your home and come in a wide range of sizes.

– Bin Liner from 8 litres to 30 litres for household bin solutions
– Bin Liner from 35 litres to 240 litres for your outside bin solutions

Resealable food Storage

100% compostable snap lock bags perfect for snacks and lunches.
The bags are ‘breathable’ so they keep the food inside fresh for longer.
The whole bag can be placed in a Green Organics bin without removing the zip lock.

Rolls of 20 bags , also available in a box of 12 rolls.

Kitchen Caddies

The Max Air 2 kitchen caddy is fully ventilated to stop food rotting due to lack of oxygen – the cause of bad smells and mould in unventilated caddies.

The lid can stand open, making it convenient to dispose of scraps. Ventilation on all 6 sides maximises air flow to reduce moisture and odours.


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