237-239 Mount Crosby Road, Tivoli Queensland 4305, Australia
237 Warrego Highway North Tivoli Queensland 4305 AU

The Candy Soil management team applies a “hand-on” approach to the day-to-day running of the company. Our sales and office personnel are available to promptly answer enquiries and questions. Dispatch staff control customer deliveries and are constantly in touch with our delivery trucks. This enables Candy Soil to guarantee a prompt and efficient delivery service. Major technical input to the group is provided by a Consulting Soil Scientist, who has worked with Candy Soil since its inception assisting in the development of our products. All Candy Soil products meet and exceed the Australian Standard AS 4419 requirements.

Candy Soil performs ongoing scientific testing and monitored growth trials of our products both by our own management team and by qualified external consultants. We are always striving to improve our soil blends to optimize the available plant nutrition. Your plants will grow better in Candy Soil.

Carbon Plus Compost is a quality conscious manufacturing facility producing high quality composts and mulch products for the Agricultural and Landscape sectors. Stringent organic material feedstock criteria and finished product testing ensures the composts and mulches produced will meet the needs of customer and comply with the relevant Australian Standards.

Composts produced by Carbon Plus Compost are used exclusively in the blending process of Candy Soil to produce a range of quality soils supplied to the South East Queensland retail market through a network of Landscape Yards.

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