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What are BioBags made from? 

BioBags are made from a compostable resin named Mater-Bi produced by Novamont, an Italian research company dedicated to environmentally friendly alternatives to polyethylene-based plastic bags and films.

Mater-Bi is an innovative family of bioplastics that uses substances obtained from plants such as, but not limited to, non-genetically modified corn starch and biodegradable, compostable polymers. Find out more about Mater-Bi on the Novamont website.

BioBag compostable produce bags, caddy liners and bin liners help to divert organic waste from landfills so it can be recycled into compost to nourish and replenish our soil.

This video shows the manufacturing process

Our Adelaide factory uses Mater-Bi materials to make certified compostable films and BioBags with manufacturing processes similar to those shown in this video:


Over 25 years of research and innovation by Novamont have made BioBags a true plastic alternative for everyday conveniences like compostable freezer bags, compostable sandwich bags and resealable food storage bags.

BioBag dog waste bags are also a compostable solution for collecting dog poop in BioBags guaranteed not to break down into microplastics

With 6 factories and 20 market/distribution partners around the world, BioBag produces over a billion bags a year globally. Based in Norway, BioBag is also in Sweden, Denmark, Ireland, Estonia, Finland and USA, and there are partners representing BioBag International in many other countries.