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Custom solutions for niche plastic problems

From a new Adelaide factory, BioBag is creating compostable solutions for niche, single-use plastic problems like cucumber wrap, retail produce rolls, mailing satchels and coffee machine liners.

The Adelaide business is filling the gaps where plastic alternatives are needed, says BioBag World Australia director Scott Morton. “Our customers are coming to us for compostable alternatives to plastics like cucumber wrap because we can manufacture custom products,” said Scott.

BioBag was featured recently on 9 News Adelaide and in Smart Company and Springwise for its world first solution to non-plastic cucumber wrap.

Local Adelaide cucumber wholesaler George Antonas from IG Fresh asked BioBag to create a fully compostable cucumber wrap for Drakes Supermarkets to reduce food waste. Wrapped cucumbers last up to three times longer and Drakes wanted an environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional polyethylene plastic wrap.

Creating a 100 percent compostable cucumber wrap required a unique process and “that’s where Scott Morton’s expertise came into it – because it’s heat shrunk onto the cucumber,” George said. “There’s plenty of compostable products out there but this one is for a specific purpose.”

“This is another example of BioBag innovating Australian-made, plastic-free solutions to reduce single use plastics,” Scott said . “We also create compostable solutions to capture valuable organic resources like retail produce rolls and coffee machine liners.”

Using compostable BioBag liners in any kitchen environment can significantly improve diversion of food waste from landfill to recycling. Manufacturing locally means we can now make our own bags and satchels that can be used and reused to collect food scraps, then put into your compost bin or organics recycling bin.”

“There’s endless opportunities to replace plastic and a million other small, incremental improvements we can make. Longer term, BioBag World Australia will focus on custom and niche products that are not as beneficial to import as products coming from China in large volumes,” Scott said.

Forty percent of plastic produced each year is used for packaging1 and compostable film offers opportunities for better environmental outcomes. The term compostable simply means it can be returned to the earth as organic matter that won’t leave any traces of microplastics or toxicity in the soil.

The Mater-Bi resin used to make BioBag’s bags and films is subject to ongoing product development in Italy by Novamont. Constant innovation means BioBags are now real plastic alternatives.

See why the South Australian Government is 100% behind BioBag in this 2 minute video: