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Buying Australian says ‘yes’ to local jobs

Supporting Australian jobs is in the hands of Australian consumers. That’s the message BioBag World Australia’s Production Manager Chris wants to share. He’s encouraging Australians to support businesses like BioBag by choosing Australian made products.

“If Australians want jobs, then we need to ask where our products are coming from. We need to increase our support for Australian made,” Chris said. “I am proud of the manufacturing sector here in Australia. We make high quality products that bring value to our local economy and communities.”

BioBag World Australia Production Manager Chris Whetter. Image Cath Leo.jpg

“I am happy to pay a little bit extra to buy a product I know is supporting local jobs like mine. So please take the time to read the labels on products and see which state or country the products you choose were made in.”

Adelaide manufacturer Scott Morton supplies compostable bags to local councils for residents with food organics and garden organics recycling bins. The BioBag World Australia Director says the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted Australia’s reliance on overseas suppliers.

BioBag’s main competitors are imports and, even though we’re cost-competitive, there’s still a number of Australian local councils not buying Australian made.

“This also causes problems if councils want to top up supplies because now they can’t source the bags they need as quickly as they could before the pandemic,” Scott said.

Benefits of buying local

Business SA Policy and Advocacy Director Andrew McKenna said South Australian manufacturers benefit from one of the highest penetrations of renewable energy in the world.

“If you buy from a South Australian manufacturer, the energy used to make that product is helping to reduce the world’s carbon footprint,” said Mr McKenna.

“So next time you have a choice to buy local or imported, consider the confidence you gain by buying local… particularly in a period of increasing volatility in world supply chains.”

Scott Morton summarises the benefits of buying Australian made:

  • “Every dollar spent on locally made products is a dollar that stays in Australia and goes towards local jobs, local taxes and local services.
  • “Australian manufacturers can assure delivery of high-quality products without delays.
  • “There is security in local supply chains that global supply chains can no longer deliver.”

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